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About The Twisted Woodland

Designed For You, Inspired By Nature.

The Twisted Woodland was founded by pure accident, as most great things are. I began working with a few gemstone chips from my wife's supplies and some copper welding wire on a whim in late 2020. My wife had been recently diagnosed with a chronic and progressive health condition, so we had quit our full-time job traveling for business to get her health back in check. I disappeared into my workshop one morning. I felt a strong connection to what I was doing. It was a good stress relief that I found myself getting lost in for hours at a time.

As I began shifting to different wires and making various jigs to twist wire more easily, I slowly began adding various gemstones to my own supplies. As I crafted these unique wire tree sculptures individually, I realized the type of craftsmanship for the wire tree sculpture designs I had been pouring my heart and soul into did not exist. Not to mention, every wood base for my wire tree sculptures is harvested here on our homestead in Central Texas. That means a little piece of our home becomes a part of your home.

While the base items I am known for are wire tree sculptures, I realized there were many other opportunities for trees to appear with gemstones. That is where my tree of life pendants and agate slice sun catchers began making appearances online and at local farmer's market events.

At a farmer's market in Evant, Texas in spring of 2021, my wife and I met the grandson of the original Dream Tree creator. You see, the Dream Tree was a popular (and now hard to find) wire tree sculpture featuring a hand-twisted wire trunk and branches, and gold leaves that dangled freely. When their U.S. patent ran out in the 1970's, it was picked up by a large company overseas that continues to make mass produced "cookie cutter" gemstone trees. It was heartbreaking to hear how the legacy of the Dream Tree has been tarnished. Just hearing this man's story and how he remembered sitting in his grandfather's home as the family twisted trees as he admired the workmanship of my own creations brought tears of joy to our eyes. Unknowingly, we stumbled into another family's legacy to carry on and share with the world.

About Us: Johnathon and Katelyn Goltz of The Twisted WoodlandPlease take a look through our shop and don't hesitate to contact us for a custom order. We are happy to create something that you or a loved one will cherish for many years to come.

The Twisted Woodland is a family-owned, U.S. Veteran owned business.

Johnathon & Katelyn Goltz