Burnt Orange Agate Tree of Life Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace

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Wear a positive reminder as you go about your daily routine. Our wire tree of life agate slice pendant necklaces are handmade. I begin with a single agate and solder the edge. Every piece of wire is hand twisted into the whimsical and gnarled tree and roots you see before being carefully soldered in place. This is a slightly larger agate slice piece in a shade of burnt orange that, when placed in the light, becomes a fiery amber or sienna color.

  • HEIGHT: 2.75 inches
  • WIDTH: 1.75 inches

This druzy wire tree pendant also features a small hand cut crescent moon as part of a special collection:

The Duality Collection by The Twisted Woodland

Released August 1, 2021, The Duality Collection highlights the polarity in our lives:
🌞 The Sun - A symbol of strength, growth, life force, and optimism.
🌜 The Moon - A symbol of intuition, clarity, rebirth, and wisdom.

In this collection, we celebrate the light and dark. Without one, the other cannot exist.

Crescent Moon Agate Slab Necklaces

The agate tree of life pendant necklaces in this collection represent the moon. A tiny hand cut crescent moon peeks out among the twisted and gnarled branches of a tree. Under the moonlight, we are reminded of what we truly need and set the intentions to make it happen. These pieces were designed to be worn as a daily reminder to trust your heart and intuition.

Sun Catcher Agate Slab Pieces

The tree of life sun catchers designed for this collection represent, you guessed it, the sun. As the morning light radiates into your window, a colorful glow creates a sense of newness and brings forth energy. The sun reminds us to keep moving forward and remain optimistic, for everything is but a season and a cycle. 

We strive to offer home and altar decor with a sense of comforting and grounding energy. Art that can help you feel balanced, nurtured, and calm. Know that when you purchase a one of a kind wire tree sculpture from The Twisted Woodland, a piece of our heart and energy becomes a part of yours.

=  Agate Spiritual and Sacred Space Decor =

Agate slabs are a beautiful conversation piece to have in a place of business that creates a relaxing environment with a focused consciousness such as:

» Reiki Practitioners
» Yoga Instructors
» Hypnotherapists
» Life, Health, and Wellness Coaches
» Acupuncture
» Chiropractic Care
» Massage Therapy
» Esthetician
» Doulas
» Natural Birthing Centers

Custom agate slab wire wrapped tree pieces are available for commission. Please contact me for more information regarding available natural and dyed colors in stock, sizes available, and any other inquiries. A deposit must be paid before we get to work on your custom art.


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Handcrafted in Central Texas by an Army Veteran and Reiki charged by my loving wife. Please check out our Facebook page for upcoming local events to shop local and say hello.