Freya - Iolite Wire Tree Sculpture

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One night, as the stars twinkled overhead and the forest echoed with the melody of nocturnal creatures, a weary traveler stumbled upon Freya in the grove. Heart heavy with sorrow and eyes filled with longing, the traveler approached the indigo tree, drawn by an unseen force that seemed to call out to their very soul.

As they reached out to touch Freya's branches, a soft glow enveloped them, filling their spirit with a warmth they had never known. In that moment, the traveler felt a profound sense of love and beauty wash over them, as if the weight of the world had been lifted from their shoulders.

With tears of joy streaming down their cheeks, the traveler looked up at Freya with gratitude in their eyes, knowing that they had been touched by something truly magical. And as they continued on their journey, their heart filled with a newfound sense of hope and wonder, forever transformed by the enchanting spirit of love and beauty that dwelled within the dusky indigo tree named Freya.

Freya is a wire tree sculpture consisting of natural Iolite twisted on natural bronze wire. Iolite is a pleochroic gem, meaning it has the tendency to show two or three colors when viewed from different angles and light. This tree takes root around a base of natural Texas Cedarwood.

All trees wrap securely around a slice of wood lovingly gathered on our family’s ranch. No two wood bases are the same! The bottom of each sculpture features a black felt bottom to protect your furniture’s surface. Absolutely NO glue is used to secure crystals or roots. We take pride in producing a clean and minimalistic look for my wire trees.

The Twisted Woodland strives to offer home and wedding decor with a sense of comforting and grounding energy. Art that can help you feel balanced, nurtured, and calm. Know that when you purchase a one of a kind wire tree sculpture from The Twisted Woodland, a piece of our home and heart becomes a part of yours.

Custom and personalized wire tree sculptures are available for commission. Please contact us for more information regarding available gemstones in stock, wire options, and other inquiries. A deposit must be paid before we get to work on your custom tree art.

Handcrafted in Central Texas by an Army Veteran. Please check out our Facebook page for upcoming local events to shop local and say hello.


= Rustic Wedding Centerpiece =

We are happy to create custom wire trees for your wedding! Contact us to go over stone, wire, sizing, and base options.


= Feng Shui Tree =

Also known as Feng Shui crystal trees, gemstone trees are often placed in various areas of homes to bring good luck, abundance, harmony, or promote happiness.


= Gemstone Tree Metaphysical Properties =

Moonstone: Moonstone is used as a stone for new beginnings. It is often used in shadow work to promote inner growth and strength. Moonstone is said to enhance intuition and promote inspiration, success, and fortune in business and relationship matters.

Silver:  Said to bring wealth, abundance, and helping enhance intuitive and psychic abilities

= Birthstone Family Tree =

We accept commissions for custom birthstone family trees. A heartfelt gift for the special parent or loved one in your life. 


= Unique Memorial Piece =

Our wire tree sculptures are a timeless piece to remember a wonderful memory or person. We are happy to create a tree based on birthstones or favorite colors.


= Celtic Pagan Wiccan Altar Decoration =

Wire trees may be placed on an altar as a symbolism of Earth, as well as pay respect to our ancestors, including a deity such as Cernunnos.


= Meditation Altar Decor =

A wire tree sculpture can bring a sense of balance and harmony to a meditation altar to help bring focus to the present.


= Spiritual and Sacred Space Decor =

A wire tree is a beautiful conversation piece go have in a place of business that creates a relaxing environment such as:

  • » Reiki Practitioners
  • » Yoga Instructors
  • » Hypnotherapists
  • » Life, Health, and Wellness Coaches
  • » Acupuncture
  • » Chiropractic Care
  • » Massage Therapy
  • » Esthetician
  • » Doulas
  • » Natural Birthing Centers