Glow Rock Turtle Carving

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This large turtle weighs in at 448g. The uv flash is very strong on this piece. If you are a fan of ember stone, glow rocks, fluorescent sodalite, or Yooplerlite® this would make a great addition to your collection.

Fluorescent Sodalite

Fluorescent Sodalites look like common lake rocks during the daylight…but with the help of a dark, night sky and a blacklight, they come to life, with spots that glow a neon orange. This phenomenon is caused by a type of UV-reactive sodalite.

Inner Power • Heart • Truth

Fluorescent Sodalite is a stone of truth that helps us to recognize and objectively express our feelings. Fluorescent Sodalite releases anger and negative thoughts and helps fight your fears and phobias. It creates a clear and perceptive mind, able to find inner peace. Fluorescent Sodalite stimulates self-acceptance and self-confidence.

Sodalite is a good friend to those who need emotional care. It brings emotional balance and calmness along with rational thought, objectivity, intuition, truth, and enhances self-esteem, self-trust, and self-acceptance.