Natural Luffa (Loofah) Sponge

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.: What is Luffa? :.

Luffa itself is a gourd, the fruit of a plant. It is an edible plant that can be eaten when young on the vine. Luffa is dried and the skin is peeled off to expose the fibrous sponge-like matter we know.

.: Luffa Uses :.

Luffa is incredibly versatile. It can be used in the kitchen as a non-scratch sponge. It can be used as a gentle body exfoliator. Pairs well with our artisan soap! Luffa is also a great toy for cats and birds. If chewed, it is a source of natural fiber for animals. When you're done with your luffa sponge, put it in the garden or compost bin. 

.: Texas Grown Luffa :.

Our luffa is grown and harvested here on our property. 

.: Luffa Size Options :.

Bath + Body Size

  • Cut in approximately 5-6" lengths.
  • Approximately 2-3" in diameter.

Full Size

  • Full luffa gourd. Sizes range in 14" to over 20" in length. 
  • Diameter varies between 1.5" - 3"+.
  • Given the natural shape of luffa, one end tapers down to a smaller end.