Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Wire Tree

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Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month is March. In a household that is affected with this incurable neurodegenerative disease, we aim to spread awareness as well as support others affected with Multiple Sclerosis.

In support of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, we chose fiery orange natural amber resin twisted in nickel silver wire.

Amber resin is formed by trees as a defense mechanism against insects and breaks in bark. Amber fills the gap or opening, hardening to seal, sterilize, and protect the area.

Much like MS, amber reminds us that while there is a wound or scar present, there is hope.

With hope comes resilience. šŸ§”

About Our Wire Trees

Each small wire tree is twisted by hand in our central Texas studio. Each wood base is harvested directly from our property. The bottom of each tree is finished with soft black felt to protect your countertop surface.

No two trees are the same, as is nature.

  • Total height: ~5.75" Tall
  • Wood Base Dimensions: ~2" Tall x ~2" wide
  • Tree Dimensions: ~4" tall by ~3" wide

Dimensions are all approximate and may vary depending on wood base and twists. The wire can be manipulated upon arrival.Ā 

Price is for oneĀ small wire tree. Depending on the time of year, these trees may beĀ made to order if outside of fundraising during MS awareness month.

Wear orange for Multiple Sclerosis. Support the community by running a fundraising event, Walk for MS, or donate directly to an organization dedicated to individuals and families with MS.

US Multiple Sclerosis Organizations:

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Multiple Sclerosis Association of America

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

Multiple Sclerosis Support:

Shift.MSĀ - A social network for those with Multiple Sclerosis

WEGO HealthĀ - Spreading awareness for various illnesses

Chronically CapableĀ - Flexible jobs for chronic illness patients

Brain & Life MagazineĀ - Magazine sharing news and resources for various neurological disorders and brain health

Metaphysical Properties of Amber, Silver, and Wood

Amber: Said to stimulate self-confidence, intellect, and bringing balance

Silver: Said to bring wealth, abundance, and helping enhance intuitive and psychic abilities

Wood: Often used in purification rituals and helps remind us to create boundaries and stand in our truth.Ā 

About The Twisted Woodland

We strive to offer homeĀ and spiritual decor with a sense of comforting and grounding energy. Art that can help you feel balanced, nurtured, and calm. Know that when you purchase a one of a kind wire tree sculpture from The Twisted Woodland, a piece of our home and heart becomes a part of yours.

Custom and personalized wire tree sculptures are available for commission. Please contactĀ us for more information regarding available gemstones in stock, wire options, and other inquiries. A deposit must be paid before we begin your custom tree art.

Handcrafted in Central Texas by an Army Veteran. Please check out ourĀ Facebook page for upcoming local events to shop local and say hello.