Prehnite Skull Carving with Druzies

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About 3.5 inches by 2 inches by 2.5 inches

Prehnite is an excellent power system crystal since it soothes the surroundings and provides serenity and safety. It's an excellent gemstone for the environment, and it transforms your house into a therapeutic haven for yourself. Prehnite enables you to live in tune with the energies and environment, rejuvenating and regenerating your senses.

Prehnite can help with emotions of restlessness that come with shifting priorities. This gemstone of change can assist you in seeing and feeling how the removal of specific circumstances can enhance your body, intellect, and soul's growth. It makes you more conscious of the excellence in everything.

Prehnite aids its bearer in confronting repressed pictures and recollections and the dissolution of negative sensations unrelated to them. This crystal does not bring up powerful emotions on its own, but it aids in the activation of flashbacks that have become sharp due to fresh experiences.