Purple Labradorite Free Form

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Purple Labradorite Meaning

Labradorite will help you see things as they truly are, in order for you to make empowered choices about what action you need to take next. It will move through your Chakras, clearing out any blockages that may be present, so that the energy can flow more freely throughout your body. As blockages clear out, you will feel lighter and more free.

Purple Labradorite Stone

Purple labradorite is a protection stone that wards off negativity, balancing yin/yang energies and protecting its wearer from psychic attack. It brings spiritual connection and deep peace. A powerful grounding stone, purple labradorite assists in developing one's intuitive gifts and is helpful in meditation.

Labradorite is a stone of manifestation, helping the user connect with their higher self and bring their desires into reality.